Able to trust

Able to trust

As Christians our first baby step is putting all our trust into GOD but for some of us it’s a lot harder than you might think. Some of us have the same baby step to make but because of fear and not really putting their trust into anything let alone a belief is quite scary so that small, tiny baby step becomes even bigger,

 But how can it be that somebody who wants to know god more can have this sort of fear because when you hear people’s testimonies none of them say that they feared trusting GOD because they didn’t know what would happen if they did.

So many things in our Christian lives are bound to leave us asking questions but deep down inside of us do we really want the answer.  You hear pastor’s say that god knows you even before you were born but how is it that they can still have this fear but yet GOD still loves them.

 Well the answer is pretty simple as many people tell us a lot that god loves no matter who we are or what we’ve done in the past.

 Trust is something not given up lightly because many of us have put their trust into so many different things and it hasn’t been what you expected it to be but when you give your life to GOD isn’t about giving all you have to god even trust?

When it comes down to it all we can seem to say the same thing over and over again where we say to ourselves that we need to figure out what it is that is stopping us putting our trust in GOD.

So we start to search for the answer we think it might be but honestly there are so many things that we as Christians struggle with and sometimes it not just those who are new to the faith it could be somebody looking for answers.

Even somebody who has known god for quite a while who thinks they haven’t been given the answer they wanted but they might have been given an answer but it could have been something  that they didn’t quite grasp.

Being able to trust is something so big to somebody that really does struggle with putting their all into GOD but to somebody else it’s as easy as saying hello to someone but what they forget is that little bit of fear they still have in their hearts, When they question how they will act around people who are non Christians they fear that by trusting in god it will change who they are completely but what they don’t know is that by putting their trust in god it will change them for the better but not right away.

 Over time GOD changes us little by little so we can get to know god and have our own relationship with him.

 So many of question the change that GOD will do with us we seem to question if people will still know you properly or if just giving your life to GOD just means that all your friends will see you in a different light.

 How can you know for sure if what your so called friends aren’t just saying all this rubbish because they see how much god has change you for the better and then it starts to get to the point of really properly trusting GOD.

 Somehow in the back of your mind there’s just something holding you back and that thing that holds you back isn’t just something so little that you can just brush it off and it’ll just disappear because let’s be honest it might go away for a little bit but it’s still there in the back of your mind and its normal to have a little bit of fear we’re human everybody has a little bit of fear to start with but its taking that risk and taking those baby steps to get rid of the fear and doing what is right not only for you but for GOD also. 

The main point in trusting in GOD is really asking yourself if you’re willing to really and truly opening up your heart and letting god in properly and also it’s about having that faith that no matter what you say or do GOD will never let us down or hurt us in any way.

 So why let that effect your own personal relationship with GOD just because it’s a bit scary and you’re a bit unsure.

 Isn’t being a Christian having the FAITH to really and truly giving your all to GOD.

 We all have those days where question things but that’s just us as human beings. How can you really say something is really scary until you’ve even experienced it?

So it’s time to stand for what we believe in and just take that little step in really trusting in GOD.


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