Out of the darkness into the light

Out of the darkness into the light

Once upon a time in a mysterious land there was a very beautiful princess who was loved by many people in the land. Then one stormy night something changed and the land wasn’t the same anymore because the land was taken over by bad people and princess grace wanted to all she could to get the land that she once knew back to how it’s suppose be.

One day she came across a horrible women that wanted everything and she really would do anything to get what she wanted but how could it be that princess grace could really get the land back to how it was on her own. People around the villages would say that it’s impossible to return the land to it’s true nature on her own it was obvious that she needed some help so she called on her trusty prince Joel and also queen Nikki and together they searched and searched to try and find the light to bring the land out of the darkness but something still wasn’t adding up.

They couldn’t figure out what it could be and how it could be changed something still didn’t make sense but what that was they didn’t know after so many days of searching it came to a special day when every year the land light up with lanterns and the sky would be so colourful and bright but sadly this year the land wasn’t bright and colourful. The sky was filled with clouds of darkness and all princess grace wanted was to make the land bright and colourful again, “but what could it be” said the princess to herself all that time she just sat and thought and thought and thought of how she could bring the land back into the light.

Queen Nikki couldn’t figure it out either so she called up on the very smart and brave King Dean to help bring the land out of the darkness into the light he came with very much confidence that he could figure it out and bring the land back to its true nature and he thought it was going to so easy because he was so intelligent and so brave that nothing could ever out smart his intelligence.

He searched and searched but sadly he couldn’t figure it out and that got him very annoyed because something had out smarted him so he went away and brought back somebody even smarter than king dean it was professor Chesney, she was the most smartest person in the whole land but professor Chesney couldn’t leave her two most trusted minions Jasper and Calunm.

Together they searched high and low to find this thing to bring the land back its true nature but when they were near to finding the answer they came across the horrible women again who tried with all her might to break their spirits and get them to give up but they wouldn’t give up so they carried on and it was prince Joel who found a magic seed that wasn’t planted so he put into the ground and poured water over it and without even having to say anything the seed grew and grew. The lands was brought back to its true nature and as they walked back into the villages all the people rejoiced with happiness and the darkness was no longer in order and the horrible women was no long to be found and they all lived happier than ever imagined.


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