Mental Health?

Mental Health?

During lockdown a lot ofpeople have really been Straggling withtheir mental health now it’s gotten worse because they’ve been stuck inside with no where to go as everywhere was closed.

In all honesty if somebody had asked me a few years ago about mental health and how it’s been I would’ve questioned why that person was asking as I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. I have known many people with realy bad mental health So I know how it’s really changed their out look on social situations as it can take a toll on them to over they are completely drained emotionally.

those who know me personally know that I’ve been through a lot at such a young age but somehow i’ve come out the other side of it somewhat positive and wanting to help others who are currently going through a similar situation that I’ve been through myself.

Friends around me who i know who have mental health problems come to me whenever something isnt going well because usually I’m the one to offer some support or some advice on what to do whenever they’ve had a bust up with their partner, not that i want to come across as big headed but thats what they usually do.

I always want to help people whenever i can but during the pandemic i notcied that those friends only wanted to know whenever it was something to with them or they had something to share. others were busy with their own lifes and trying to figure out what to do within the restictions and those who were known to have mental health issues were checked on often and some how i got left behind.

Until quite recently i wouldn’t have thought that i would really looking back at my younger years to see if i did show any signs of mental health and looking back i did show signs especially after my dad passed. I always hid what was wrong or if i was worried about anything.

When somebody asked me recently how my mental health was during the lockdown and my intial reaction was that it was fine and that i was good simply because i had my mum to worry about but it got me thinking that nobody had ever asked me how my mental health was not many people had actually checked on me.

However now it got me thinking on how ive always pushed aside anything i was worrying about that was to do with me. everyone came before me, for example if there was something going on with my mum than anything i had a issue with or was worried about would go out the window.

I now have a new group of friends and one particular person I’ve become quite close to i have noticed that i do the same with them, i know for a fact that this person will listen to whatever is going on and help me in any way that they can but i still don’t see the point in telling them because i don’t see it as important.

Things haven’t been great for a while but i don’t let it get to me as stupid as it sounds. i had a lot of time to really think about everything whether it was to do with my break up or all the stupid stuff that went on with the care system, it wasn’t the best of times but again i just pulled through it. A lot of people say that i turned out alright.

I still don’t know for sure if i do have some sort of mental health issues but i do know that at times i feel like i am missing out on things, not that i mind being home with my mum but i don’t have the friends who genuinely reach out to see if I’m doing ok, I sometimes wish they would but i know they have other stuff that’s more important so i brush it off.

I love the friends i have recently made they may not always know whats wrong with me or even when i want them to but i know they care enough and that’s the main thing. So many times people get over looked because of their mental health or how they come across. i know now that i need to take time for myself however that’s not something that will come easy but anything is worth a try first hand.


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