Finding Confidence

Finding Confidence

There are many different children who grow up with either a lot of confidence or none at all. Those types of children are labelled as shy or quiet but some just don’t want the attention.

There was once a child who didn’t have much confidence from a very young age and just preferred to remain quiet in school and only to be heard when asked a question. The teachers didn’t do much to help build her confidence because they couldn’t just single out one child from the whole group.

One day there was a change in that child’s life because a new person who had came into their life and started to work with them and little by little building up their confidence by encouraging this child to talk about things.

All this person wanted was to bring out the best in this child, she took her time to get to know this child and for that child to really trust her.

As the years went by many things happened in this child’s life that made them want to not to tell anyone as they didn’t know who to trust.

This child grew into a young person and people around her would see her grow in confidence but what they didn’t see was that it was all an act because she was struggling with everything and didn’t know who to talk to.

This young girl had many different people around her who she’d known for a while now but there was still something within herself that wouldn’t let anyone know her true self.

This girl didn’t know who she really was because of everything that had happened in the past she was given so many different labels that people around her put on her.

There were days where she just felt like she wanted to be invisible and just didn’t want anyone to notice her, she would walk around with her head down but the whole time she was in her thoughts and was trying to figure out how to be the person that everyone wanted her to be.

Back then she felt that she could be invisible at school and it would work in most lessons, the teachers would almost forget she was there and never pick on her to answer a question which made her happy.

Most days she would play pretend and act like somebody who was gaining confidence little by little or who had become less shy when the truth was that she want really being herself.

As she got older year by year more fears of certain things would creep in little and remind her that the future was scary.

This teenage girl had more fears than she felt others her age had because her home situation was different and had to learn new ways to grow and in that time she had created a few defence mechanisms to avoid any other questions that she either couldn’t answer, didn’t want to answer or simply didn’t know what answer the person wanted.

After years of pretending and wanting to be invisible things started to change as this young teenage girl grew into herself more and started to find her feet more.

While she was finding her feet the people around her who had always had her best interest at heart started to suggest things to bring her out of her comfort zone.

There were so many different opportunities over the years for her to really become more confident and have more faith in herself.

Some of the people around her didn’t know how to help her and just saw her as being shy as she walked around with her head down and hiding from the world.

Other people who really wanted the best for her, saw a way for to become more confident without fully pulling her out of her comfort zone.

They didn’t know she was pretending to be more confident but they saw a difference in her and gave her ways to really show everybody else what they could see.

Being able to share her own experiences and voice her own opinions in a way she’d never done before.


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