Colour Blind

Colour Blind

There’s a saying that many people swear by and that’s “you don’t judge a book by its cover” but how can so many people swear by some saying.

Everyday people get judge by what they or do or even what they wear. So how can that saying be true? We are just one person who just happens to have imperfections and we are far from perfect because that’s how god made us he knew we would have these imperfections but he made them so we would all be unique.

How can people be so sure of a person’s true colours if they’re not really being themselves? So many people don’t like who they or freak out that people won’t like them that they do whatever it takes to try and fit in when really our true selves doesn’t to worry we are who we shouldn’t change so we might fit in that’s not what god has planned for us because even if we mess up and do stupid things and we learn and move on that really makes god happy and it helps us grow stronger in our faith and love for our self a bit more.

Being who we are sometimes isn’t that entire easy if you don’t like yourself.

When you don’t like who you are it is just so much easier to pretend to be somebody who isn’t got anything bother them and they think that they’ve got everybody fooled they start to think “ well they don’t know I’m putting on a brave front” but in reality people who really know you can easily tell that’s something’s not right but we’re too afraid to say anything because we feel like it should be you that says yeah I’m not ok but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that maybe for most people yeah it maybe just take time but some people are so blind by their insecurities that they feel like if they say something then that’ll be it but it’s not.

We have God to guide us but we have to take away that make and stop thinking that people are colour-blinded by their own problems that they can’t help you. but we are all human and we all have problems but why should that stop us from helping a friend in need?


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